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Dichroic glass is a glass that has been sprayed with multiple micro layers of metals (gold, silver) and metal oxides (titanium, aluminium, magnesium). 

The main characteristic is that the glass has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflected colour. Because of this an array of colours are displayed and the colours shift depending on the angle of view. These properties create a stunning piece of jewellery.

The pictures below are a small representation of the pieces I design and make , please take to look on my shop page     to see what's available.

Multicolour Dichroic Pendant

A range of unique fused glass pendants incorporating coloured and dichroic glass on a sterling silver chain.

Pendant approx 3cm x 15cm

Dichroic Glass Bracelet

A beautiful range of dichroic glass bracelets in varying colour themes each with fifteen 7mm cabachons and measuring approx 19cm in length ( they can also easily be shortened for smaller wrists)

Drop Earrings 

A selection of dichroic glass glass earrings on sterling silver wires

approx 1cm

Stud Earrings

A selection of dichroic glass earrings in stunning colours on sterling silver posts.

Two sizes are available approx 7mm and 1cm.

Dichroic Glass Brooches

A beautiful range of tack fused brooches using a mixture of dichroic and coloured glass all with a safety brooch back.

approx 3cm x 2cm

Dichroic Glass Cufflinks

A bold range of fused glass cufflinks with silver plated fittings.

approx 15cm x 15cm

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