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This is a selection of the range of small suncatchers that I make, most of them are available to order in any colour. Please check out my  shop page  for ones that are in current stock.


A small 3D butterfly, can be hung singly but also look lovely in a group. 
Approx 7cm x 8cm
ribbon hearts.jpg

Ribbon Heart

 Patterend hearts in a variety of different designs finished with beads and ribbon.

Approx 6cm x 5cm

Pentagon Star

A five piece star which can be made in any colour theme including clear textures

Approx 11cm x 11cm

web 2 tone heart.jpg

Two Tone Heart

A lovely heart in a mixture of two colours, plain or patterened. 

Approx 7cm x 8cm


A star decoration not just for Christmas....looks great all year round!

Approx 12cm x 12 cm

Fused Rainbow Strip

Colourful strips which can be hung from the red or purple end by a hessian string. 

Approx 14cm x 2cm

Long Patchwork Heart

A long patchwork heart incorporating glass nuggets and a lovely square of dichroic glass

Approx 22cm x 11cm


A cute bunch of cherries comprising three red glass nuggets, wire stalks and two leaves.

Approx 8 cm x 8cm


Cute owl with lovely patterened chest !

Approx 10cm x 11cm


Multicoloured feathers! 

Available in any colours, finished with beads

Approx 14cm


A large flower available in any colour, it has a glass nugget centre and wire stamens.

Approx 13cm x 13cm

Daisy Square

A lovely little daisy in a clear frame, with a small nugget centre.

Approx 12cm x 12cm

Butterfly Square

A butterfly with delicate patterned wings set in a clear frame. 

Approx 12cm x 12cm


A popular bee with black stripes on a yellow body with clear textured glass wings

Approx 14cm x 11cm

Wavy Heart

A heart made in flowery glass and set in a wavy, coloured glass frame.

Approx 10cm x 10cm


An abstract piece with a large glass nugget in the centre. Can be made in assorted colours as shown or on a particular colour theme. Looks stunning in clear glass with a variety of different textures.

Approx 13cm x 14 cm

Long Heart

A long heart in a mix of glass. This heart is finished with a bead on the hanging thread and a small silver coloured heart hanging from the bottom.

Approx 15cm x 7cm

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