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This range of suncatchers are available as customised orders, please  get in touch                   


Semi Circle Boat

A lovely little boat bobbing on the waves with a screen printed shoal of fish in the sea. This piece also incorporates glass nuggets and shells.

Approx 16cm x 14cm

Rainbow Square

Each piece of glass used in this stunning suncatcher is a different colour and texture as it shades through the colours of the rainbow from red in one corner to violet in the opposite one. Glass nuggets are also included.

Approx 24cm x 24cm

Three Heart Panel

Three hearts set in a clear, textured glass frame. Available in all colours.

Approx 18cm x 9cm

Rainbow Rectangle

A smaller version of the rainbow square with red at the top of the panel shading down to violet at the bottom. All the glass is different colours and textures and glass nuggets are also incorporated.

Approx 8cm x 24cm

Circular Abstract

A bright and bold circular abstract panel available in a random colour mix or on a colour theme.

Approx 18cm

Rainbow Boxes

A stunning 3D effect panel in the olours of the rainbow.

Available in two sizes, approx 20cm x 20cm and 12cm x 12cm

Abstract Flower

Two abstract flowers with wire detail set into squares in a rectangular frame.

Approx 26cm x 9cm



Beach Panel

A long panel depicting sand, sea and sky and incorporating glass nuggets and shells.

Approx 25cm x 10cm

Large Etched Tree Panel

A panel in lovely spring greens and pinks with a large etched tree, flower and leaf. It also incorporates glass nuggets, decal glass and clear irridescent glass.

Approx 23cm x 23cm

Bubbles and Swirls

A very popular piece with strips of wavy glass, nuggets and wire curls, available in any colour but turquoise is very popular especially for hanging in the bathroom!

Approx 30cm x 18cm

Fish Panel

A cute panel incorporating a glass decal fish, shells and glass nuggets.

Approx 15cm x 11cm


Cheese Plant Leaves

Cheese plant leaves! available in differemt shades of green and in two sizes . Approx 12cm x 16cm and 16cm x 22cm

Rainbow Hexagon Star

A six pointed star in the colours of the rainbow which join to form a central hexagon.

Approx 18cm x18cm

clare wainwright (7).JPG

Long Leaf

A long panel featuring 12 leaves, mainly in clear textured glass with just a splash of colour.

Approx 29cm x 11cm

web triangle.jpg

Rainbow Triangle

A large triangle shading through the colours of the rainbow.

Approx 20cm x 17cm

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