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I  teach at the following locations 

mac Birmingham (booking and more information )

Termly clases  

Monday 10-12         Improvers stained glass

Monday 1-3               Beginners stained glass

Wednesday 10-12  Beginners stained glass

Warwickshire Artisans (booking and more information)

June 11th Snowdrops (AM)

June 11th Snowdrops (PM)

June 21st 2024  Introduction to stained glass10-4

July 30th  Flowers (AM)

August 16th Flowers (AM)

August 16th Flowers (PM)

October 18th Misteltoe hoops (AM)

October 18th Misteltoe hoops (PM)

November 8th Misteltoe hoops (AM)

November 8th Misteltoe hoops (PM)

Winterbourne  (booking and more information)

Introduction To Stained Glass

February 9th 2024 

April 16th 2024

May 10th 2024

August 9th 2024

October 28 2024 (Christmas)

October 29th 2024 (Christmas)

The Makers' Space
(booking and more information)

April 19th Snowdrops 10-1pm
May 17th Snowdrops 10-1pm
July 26th Flowers 10-1pm
August 14th Flowers 10-1pm
October 25th Misteltoe hoops 10-1pm
November 12th Misteltoe hoops 10-1pm

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